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Mission Statement

The mission of The Bitsela Project for FREE Jewish Clip Art is to provide free quality digital artwork for the Jewish community, and to promote the work of Jewish artists around the world.


Welcome to FREE-BITSELA.COM Our Jewish clip art, printable cards, coloring book pages and web images are offered free for your personal or organizational use under a binding license agreement.  This site is sponsored by the Bitsela Project for Free Jewish Clipart and free-bitsela.com.

The Bitsela Gallery of Free Jewish Clip Art is divided into three major albums:  (1) Jewish clipart, illustrations and photographs, (2) Jewish Web Graphics and (3) Printable Pages of Jewish greeting cards, coloring pages, flyers and stationery.   Each album has one or two levels of  sub albums.

This directory provides the gallery’s album structure in an outline format, just scroll down to view the name of each album and sub album.  All Red text is clickable and will take you directly to the appropriate album or image.

WHEN BROWSING our free gallery of Jewish images, please note one image from each album is selected as an icon to represent that album.  Click the icon to view the album’s collection.  Most albums have multiple pages, to view additional pages use the <First, <Previous, Next> and Last> links that are at the top and bottom of the screen, or click on a page number. Click here for additional help and FAQs.


Jewish clip art, graphics, photographs, icons and illustrations for all of your visual arts and craft projects. Most images are offered in JPEG format. Contains over 500 images organized into 15 albums, some divided into sub-albums. The smaller image sizes and icons may be used on web pages having white backgrounds.


Free clip art for your Jewish Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah celebrations. Includes pen and ink drawings, paintings and illustrations in addition to clipart images. Some of your favorites include the Bat Mitzvah Girl by Hebrew Letters, our beautiful pen and ink illustration of a Girl Wearing Tallit, our Abba Chair Dance illustration in Ian’s charmng cartoon style, and our Bar Mitzvah framed graphic, the perfect graphic for the cover of your Bar Mitzvah book.  These images are part of a collection of over 35 B’nai Mitzvah graphics offered free in our gallery, under a license agreement.

Visit the Ritual and Shabbat album for more Bar and Bat Mitzvah images, and more of Ian’s unique cartoon style graphics.


Our Jewish cooking and food collection includes beautiful free illustrations of the seven Biblical species (such as this barley graphic), green grapes, red grapes, pomegranates, Challah (here’s your favorite), coffee cups, coffee pots, our lovely tea cup illustration, persimmon, chicken soup tureenolive branch, hamantashen (Purim Cookies) and more.

There are more food items to be found in holiday albums, such as original dipping karpas and  matzah ball soup charcoal illustrations in the Passover album.

Additionally, free Jewish food characters in the Fun For Kids album include a bagel sandwich, Passover roasted egg, Passover horseradish, Kosher red wine bottle, Hanukkah latke, Passover matzah, Purim hamantashen, Rosh Hashanah red apple and Succot etrog.


A set of seven black and white graphic illustrations representing the seven days of creation, the Bereshit readings from the book of Genesis: “In the beginning of God’s creation of heaven and earth…”    The most popular image in this collection is “On the Seventh Day – Shabbat Kadosh“.


Images for Jewish Children, Educators & Home Schoolers: Noah’s Ark series, Bible Stories, Shabbat clip art, Jewish Holiday clip art.  Includes our popular free bagel sandwich character, Hanukkah dreidel character and Fat Challah character.  The album includes free images representing Bible characters or stories, such as Jonah’s Whale, Gideon, Queen Esther,  Noah’s Ark, Noah’s Rainbow,  Moses Basket, Joseph’s Coat, Deborah the Prophetess, Adam and Eve’s Tree of Knowledge or Conscience in the Garden of Eden, the Ten Commandments and Rebecca’s Well. In this album you’ll find our characters for the Jewish Hanukkah, such as our horseradish, roasted egg, Elijah’s cup, Miriam’s cup and matzah characters.  Fun pink tallit and blue prayer shawl images, prayer books and our popular kippah character clipart images are also in this album.


A small collection of images and photographs that you can use to create your own Jewish Get Well and Sympathy Cards. Some of our graphics include Refuah Shlemah, the request for healing.


We offer about 30 Hanukkah items in our clipart images and illustration album.  Some are beautiful pen and ink or charcoal illustrations, signed by the artist, such as Bruce Hunter’s Winter Bird Menorah, or K. Lutes’ Girl Spinning Dreidel.  The collection also includes Ariel Bauer’s cartoon style Boy with Dreidel and Ian Maisel’s Dreidel Set (view one of four).   There is a nice selection of Free Hanukkah Menorah (Hanukiah) images, by several different artists, including this one, which is a favorite.  Our popular Eight Nights of Hanukkah photographic collage of eight menorahs is also included in our free image offerings.

There are additional free Hanukkah images & graphics in the Fun for Kids clipart album, the printable Note & Greeting Cards album, the free printable Jewish Coloring Pages album, and our free Web Graphics and web animations albums.


This album is divided into three sub-albums, each offering a complete set of free Hebrew Alphabet or Alef Beit images.  We can think of many uses for them, such as: flash cards for Hebrew students and drop caps for printed materials.  The first letter of a Hebrew name makes beautiful stationery or thank you notes for the Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah, or cards for a baby naming or bris.  Or use gematria to make birthday cards, such as an Aleph for a first birthday, or a Shin for a twenty first birthday.  We’d love to know how you have used these charming images, drop us a note on our facebook or contact page.

Alef Beit Characters Set

Hebrew Alphabet Botanicals Set

Hebrew Alphabet Swirley Set


This album includes free images for more Jewish Holidays, including Yom Ha Shoah, Rosh Chodesh, Simchat Torah, Lag Ba Omer and Shavuot.

For Simchat Torah, you’ll find additional images in the Ritual and Shabbat album and in the Bar and Bat Mitzvah album.


Our free Passover collection includes clipart, photographs, illustrations and greetings. Topics include dipping karpas, matzah, matzah ball soup, four cups of wine, bedikat chometz, the first drop of wine, Miriam and Moses at the Red Sea. Our free Passover collection includes one of K. Lutes’ Llama illustrations.  This would make a wonderful Haggadah cover, or use it to inspire children to write or tell their own stories about the Llama who found the Afikomen.

Additional Passover images can be found in the Fun for Kids album, printable Passover greeting cards and notes are in the printable note cards – Jewish Holiday album and Passover coloring book pages are in the coloring pages – Jewish Holiday album.


This album includes illustrations and clipart images of Jewish ritual objects and Shabbat activities, such as a Rabbi studying Torah or Reading Torah at the Bima and a Jewish woman lighting Shabbat candles. Ritual objects include Shabbat candles, torah, book with Star of David bookmark, torah pointer (yad), tzedakah box, scrolls, tallit, tallit katan,  Havdalah and Oneg Shabbat (Challah can be found in the Jewish Food album). The Ritual and Shabbat clipart album includes male and female Rabbi images and Shabbat worship graphic, all in Ian’s unique and award winning cartoon style.


Add visual appeal to your Jewish Rosh Hashanah and Sukkot holiday projects with this album of free clipart, illustrations, photographs and graphics:  Shana Tova, a Year of Peace, Honeypots, Apples, our Shofar photograph,  Sukkot Greetings, Lulav and Etrog clipart, Llama Book Quality Illustrations, and more.


Mazel Tov graphics and images for Jewish Baby, Jewish Birthday. Jewish birth, baby welcome, bris or brit milah, and baby naming are all celebrated in these images.  We even have an appropriate image for a new baby in an interfaith family and for a gay or lesbian family. The album also includes Jewish Birthday wishes, such as this one that would work well in your Synagogue Newsletter and many Mazel Tov images for whenever you want to say congratulations, such as this one for making your own greeting cards.


A collection of Jewish Stars of David, Israeli Flags and other icons of the Jewish people, such as the dove, Evil Eye or Hamsa amulet, and the Jerusalem Skyline.  Here are some samples of our most popular Jewish Stars of David for you to view:  Ian’s Blue Star, one of several original drawings by Ian Maisel, Sarah’s Star – a match to Sarah Rosenberg’s charming set of Hebrew Alphabet Letters, Kristina’s pink and purple Jeweled Star one of many whimsical stars in the album, Shira’s Star – a star graphic made with the word Shalom and our simple Blue Gradient Jewish Star of David.


Find the torah portion, in Hebrew, for your Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah Shabbat, or for your Synagogue Newsletter or Calendar. We offer two complete sets of parasha of the week. The whole 5 books of Moses is divided into 54 sections, we have graphics for each of them. The torah portion images make beautiful Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah cards, page decorations and thank you notes.

Laurel Leaf Parashot Album – get started with Parasha Bereishit from Genesis

Torah Scroll Parashot Album – get started with Parasha Bereishit from Genesis


From Bashert illustrations to broken wine glass images to wedding cakes with Chuppahs to Chair Dances for the Mother and Father of the Bride to Mazel Tov toasts – our Wedding clipart is uniquely Jewish!  Collection also includes images of the Jewish bride and groom: Chuppah Blessing in Hebrew, Illustration on Blue, Bride and Groom line drawing.


This album contains over 700 free Jewish and Hebrew clipart graphics in GIF & PNG formats. The letters WG following the album names indicate that the album contains free Jewish Web Graphics, for your Websites, Blogs, Social Networking Posts & Email Messages. Most images have transparent backgrounds and some are anti-aliased for use on black or dark pages, most are antialiased for use on white or light colored pages. Many of these images were previously sold on our CD Rom “Images for Building Jewish Web Sites” but are now offered free of charge, under a license agreement, as part of The Bitsela Project for Free Jewish Clipart at free-bitsela.com.


A collection of small Jewish Animations in GIF format to load quickly on your web pages.  Includes your favorite animated Jewish Star character and animated challah character.  Other animations include Hanukkah Menorahs, our Dreidel on Rollerblades, Shalom animations, Jewish Star of David animations, Shabbat Candles, our Purim Mask animation and Roz’s Chicken that winks and walks.


These graphics are from the popular collection on our CD Rom, Images for Building Jewish Web Sites.  It includes over 70 small graphics for use on your web pages, such as round, square and Jewish star shaped bullets in many co-ordinating colors, musical notes and buttons and web page rules.  Here are some examples in TEAL: square bullet, small bullet, flag page divider or horizontal rule, musical note, check box, small star and star page divider or horizontal rule.


This albums has food, plant and cooking images in GIF format for use on your web sites, online cookbooks and blogs.  It includes page headers such as the words Cookbook, Milchig, Fleishig and our Harvest Page Header for Sukkot.  The popular Roz’s Chicken is also available as a web graphic.


Welcome your web viewers with the word “Shalom” in Hebrew or in English on your home page, welcome page, or splash page.  All images are optimized to load quickly.   Favorites in the collection are our Shalom Doves, Shalom Star, Lions of Judah Bookends and our Shalom Flames antialiased for white and black backgrounds.  The collection includes Shalom graphics in many styles and in both Hebrew and English, for example: our transparent grey image with Shalom in Hebrew, our Black Shalom graphic in English with a drop shadow, our fancy mottled Shalom image in English.


Hebrew letters and words for your web pages, email messages, blogs and social networking sites. Includes the weekly torah portions, the Jewish months of the year, Hebrew letters for use as drop caps, and other hebrew words such as Chai and L’Shana Tova.

Torah Portions – (parsha, parashah, parashoth, parashot, parashiot) – set includes 54 small graphics in Hebrew letters in dark blue, with a light drop shadow. Note:  there are two additional albums of Torah Readings in Hebrew that are in JPEG format, use on the web on white background pages.  These are the  Laurel Leaf Parashot Album - and Torah Scroll Parashot Album.

Gold Months and Holidays – set of 26 images, from Nissan to Adar and Jewish Holidays, in Hebrew

Small Hebrew Months and Holidays –  51 Hebrew word graphics in an assortment of colors for your online calendar

Hebrew Letter Graphics – an assortment of 108 images, each a Hebrew Letter for use as a drop cap, or to build Hebrew words

Chai and other Hebrew words –  includes Rosh Chodesh, Eretz Yisrael, Shana Tova, Tzedakah in Hebrew as web graphics


Three albums of word graphics for your Synagogue web site, online newsletter or Jewish blog.

Green Word Fun Set – A set of images to use as headers for your online newsletter or web pages.  Includes the following words in English: Calendar, Culture, Ethics, Family, Holidays, Holy Days, Interfaith, Israel, Kavod, Library, Mazel Tov, News, Study, Tikkun Olam, Tzedakah, Worship.

More Words – A fun collection of Jewish words as graphic images.  Includes: Art, Bible Stories, Boker Tov, Chutzpah, Community, Healing, Humor, Israel, Judaica, Kids corner, L’Chaim, Lifecycle, Music, Oy Vey, What’s New?, What’s Happening?, Youth.

Blue SetThis set includes 68 images all in our beautiful blue style with sans serif English letters and are easy to read and quick to load.  It includes all of the Months in the Jewish Calendar.  A few of the other words included are: Aseret Yemei, Aufruf, Bat Mitzvah, Chavurah, Conversion, Education, Havdalah, High Holy Days, Lifecycle, Minyan, Sh’mini Atzeret, Shabbat Shuvah, Shivah, Taharah, Tikkun Olam.


Over 100 web graphics for the Jewish Shabbat, Hanukkah, Passover, Purim, Succot, Rosh Hashanah, Shavuot, Yom Ha-Atzma’ ut, Yom Ha Shoah & More. Here are a few of your favorites:  pink dreidel drawing, hanukkah menorah with colored candles, hanukkah graphic with flames, traditional brass Hanukiah, Lag ba’omer graphic, passover matzah graphic, Miriam with tambourine, Purim Crown, Torah Scroll, Jewish Ritual Candles, tallit – tallis – prayershawl, Rosh Hashanah Greeting in Hebrew, Shabbat Talmud Torah, Havdalah collage, Yom Ha Shoah Remembrance.


Birth, Bris, Jewish Baby naming, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Jewish Wedding and Mazel Tov graphic images to enhance your web pages, blogs and email messages for your Jewish celebrations.  Take a look at a few of them:  our colorful Mazel Tov graphic, this Noah’s Ark graphic with Mazel Tov in Hebrew,  this Torah Scroll image for Bar Mitzvah, this Bat Mitzvah girl with Torah, this shattered glass image for your Jewish wedding web page and this Jewish birthday greeting.


This album contains two Israeli Flag icons, one a simple graphic and the other a stylized graphic illustration for use on your web pages.  Additionally it includes over 35 graphics of the Star of DavidShield of David or Magen David ), an icon associated with the Jewish people and named after King David. The following links will provide a way for you to browse a selection of our Star of David graphic images:  multicolored pink and blue star,  simple blue Star of David, framed Blue Jewish Star.  The album also includes many interpretive stars by our artists, such as: Ian’s perspective star, Shira’s shalom star and Kristina’s whimsical star.


Many of these images were first developed for our web graphics collection and are now offered here, for your web pages and blogs, as well as in our clip art collection for your print applications.  This collection of over 50 free images for Jewish children is now offered free by free-bitsela.com and the Bitsela Project for Free Jewish Clipart.  Here’s a small sampling: blue Kippah (Yarmulke) character,  Lucy the Hanukkah Latke, Noah’s Ark wearing rain boots, Passover wine cup, Sukkot Etrog character and a free Joseph’s Coat of Many Colors clipart web graphic.


Free printable Jewish coloring pages, flyers and note cards for you to print and send.  Includes Passover, Hanukkah and Rosh Hashanah Cards for Jewish Holidays, Interfaith Christmas Hanukkah Greetings, Jewish Happy Birthday, Mazel Tov, Good Luck and Get well greeting cards, Bar Mitzvah cards, Bat Mitzvah cards, Party invitations, Flyers to announce your Hanukkah party, Passover Seder or Jewish Book Club meeting flyers, a selection of  Shalom stationery having lovely flower graphics and coloring pages for Jewish Holidays and Bible Stories.  All are organized into three easily navigated albums and sub-albums.


Printable coloring or colouring pages include about 25 free coloring pages for  Jewish Holidays, Bruce’s charming Noah’s Ark Collection and Two sets of free Hebrew alphabet coloring pages (Sarah’s Hebrew Alef Beit swirleys, which are so much fun to color or decorate that even adults enjoy it, and Gail’s charming Aleph Bet Coloring Characters).  Here are a few of your favorites: the Honoring Miriam coloring page, a new Passover ritual, a lulav to color for Sukkot, Hanukkah cards to print and color, such as this cute puppy with dreidle.



All clip art images, printable pages and web graphics are copyright Bitsela and are offered under a binding license agreement.

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